Jan 23, 2010


3D Max, Mental Ray and Photoshop.
This was just a small experiment project of mine. Only the character standing in the middle is a download.
I just re-textured and posed it according to the need.


It was also a contest "GOD", held in MAAC Kolkata that I participated in.

I tried the Rotoscope of it for better understanding.

And this is one of the work in progress sheet.

Flight of Pharaoh

3d Max Default Lighting
This I did for the contest "Flight of Pharaoh", held by MAAC a long time back.


3D Max Default Lighting.
This was one of the initial lighting experiments I found in my old gallery.

This was the Halloween Project given to us by Sumeet Surve again from Takshaa Academy.

Love is in the Air

This was a valentines day project "Love is in the Air", held in my previous institute MAAC.

Harry Potter

I drew this years back...When the Harry Potter : Goblet of fire released.
And yeah!! only the logo here is a download from google, the rest is mine. :)

Childhood Memory

This was the next assignment from Sumeet Surve and SriRaj, my X faculties.
The topic was "Childhood Memory". Well the monkey swinging in the front is me, lol. The 2 fellows behind are my neighborhood  friends Tony and Rubu.
Just wanned to mention their Names. :)

The Last Time

I had a Monotone assignment from my X faculty Sumeet Surve, do check his blog...He's a genius.
I finally left my self the 11th hour to do this in Photoshop.

Batman Techno Zone

3D Max, Mental Ray and Photoshop.
Im not a Modeler, but I like to experiment. :)

Hello Ladies

I lost the original picture I took as the reference, I'll post it as soon as I find it